Should the EU’s next research programme be ERC writ large?

A new report from research and innovation advisory group RISE recommends that the the European Commission move away from funding large-scale R&D projects, and instead focus more on supporting individual researchers. Such a change in research infrastructure would shift the model of Europe’s next framework programme FP9 – successor to the current Horizon 2020 – […]

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Bringing this website back to life – an update

Further to the brief comment yesterday concerning the state of my personal website, and pledge to sort it out in short(ish) order, I can announce that a new WordPress theme is already in place. To my mind it looks good on both desktop and mobile platforms – simple, easy on the eye, uncluttered. If you […]

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Bringing this website back to life

Last year, following a legal threat, I let this website fall into abeyance after first making the content invisible. There were and still are other problems with the site, most notably a self-coded WordPress theme that is to say the least stale and mobile-unfriendly. I must also admit to suffering from blogger’s block, with much […]

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