Bringing this website back to life

Last year, following a legal threat, I let this website fall into abeyance after first making the content invisible. There were and still are other problems with the site, most notably a self-coded WordPress theme that is to say the least stale and mobile-unfriendly. I must also admit to suffering from blogger’s block, with much self-questioning as to the value of personal blogs in a social media age seemingly inimical to long-form writing. Most of my professional writing over the past few years has not been suitable for reposting here.

It is time that I deal with these issues and resurrect the website, even if I do not return to regular blogging. As a start I have tidied up the database, and rendered the content visible once again. The next step is to sort out the WordPress theme. My aim is to create something simple and distraction-free, with the focus on text legibility and flow. This could take a while, so please bear with me whilst I get back up to speed.