Victory on 8 June will be pyrrhic for whoever wins the election

This evening, less than a week before a snap general election, Royston, a once notable but now economically stagnant town in the east of England, will stage an election hustings at which all candidates for the parliamentary seat of North East Hertfordshire should be present. Royston politics are such that a brick decorated in a blue rosette would win any election by a country mile.

I live in Royston, and plan to attend the public meeting. In preparation for this momentous event, I have gathered my thoughts in a form that may be addressed to the candidates as a question from the floor.

Here goes…

I am a little confused, so kindly enlighten me as to why are we having this election. What possible purpose does it serve? It cannot be to give Theresa May a mandate, as she already has that by virtue of being the anointed leader of the Conservative Party.

The Tories won a majority in the 2015 election, and the government was secure until the next scheduled poll in 2020. Calling another election so soon displays contempt for the voting public of this country.

A stronger electoral mandate means nothing when it comes to Brexit negotiations, yet Theresa May insists this is a Brexit election. It makes no sense, and I am left feeling annoyed and stressed to have all this political disruption when as a country we could surely do without it.

When the election was called, political pundits were assuring us it would be a bloodbath. Now, less than a week before the poll, after all the vacuous soundbites and policy omnishambles, the once unassailable Tory lead has shrunk to just a few points. Theresa May’s leadership is anything but strong and stable.

Excuse me for being so flippant, but I would not wish victory in this election on my worst enemy. For whoever wins next Thursday, the victory will be Pyrrhic. Are you really sure that you wish to be part of this Spectacle?