Bayeux Tapestry – a hostage to Brexit?

President Emmanuel Macron has for reasons best known to himself agreed to loan the priceless Bayeux embroidery to England, as part of a political exercise in highlighting the strength of Anglo-French relations.

One hopes this magnificent object doesn’t become a hostage to Brexit, with England using it to blackmail France in future Anglo-European diplomatic manoeuvres. That will surely do for Macron’s petite-bourgeois revolution, and possibly lead to a re-run of the Napoleonic Wars of 1803-15. Wouldn’t that be fun, especially with nukes and all?

Fighting talk aside, just think of the import-export hassles. After all, the needlework will not move from Bayeux until well after any post-Brexit transition period has expired, and England sails alone in the North Atlantic without the benefit of a customs union.