I live in Royston near Cambridge in the east of England.

You can contact me by telephone (+44 7840 191336), email, Signal, and Skype. Signal, which is secure and end-to-end encrypted, can be used for video and voice calls as well as text messages.

If you must use text messages (SMS) to contact me, kindly provide an email address and/or telephone number for reply. Signal, Skype, Zoom and Teams are installed on my phone and computer for video calls and conferencing.

For encrypting messages it is better to use Signal than email, but if you wish to communicate with me via encrypted email, first send an S/MIME-signed message with a request to share confidential information, and I shall reply in kind.

If you wish to share encrypted files, such as via a cloud server, please contact me first so that we can exchange PGP keys. Do not encrypt messages with PGP; use S/MIME for that purpose.

Whenever I am electronically incommunicado for longer than a day, there should be an email auto-responder in place to inform you of my whereabouts.